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Are you a talented professional with a passion for helping people? Do you want to work for a forward-thinking accountancy firm that goes the extra mile for its clients? If so, Moffats may be the perfect fit.

Our colleagues sit at the heart of what we do, and we’re always on the lookout for new additions to our team. You don’t just crunch numbers and file paperwork when you work with us — you help us make a real difference.

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Career progression

Your professional growth is as important to us as it is to you — that’s why we take pride in helping our team meet their potential.

Whats it like to work here?

Moffatts are very proud to have been awarded the Gold Standard for Trainee Development by the ACCA as a result of the learning opportunities we provide for employees working towards the ACCA Qualification and in particular the support trainees receive to achieve ACCA’s Practical Experience Requirement

Moffatts have also been recognised for the learning opportunities we offer for trainees and members towards being awarded the ACCA practising certificate and audit qualification and have been accredited with the Practising Certificate Development Audit by the ACCA which highlights our commitment to the continued development of our staff after the completion of the ACCA course.

Words from employees

“After leaving Sixth Form the thought of getting into thousands of pounds worth of debt made me realise that University wasn’t for me. I knew I wanted a career in accounts and felt that an apprenticeship would be the best route for me where I could learn and earn on the job. My time at Moffatts has seen me qualify first as a member of the AAT within 2 years then a further 3 years of training to qualify as a member of the ACCA.

I have now been with Moffatts for 10 years and have seen it grow from a practice with 12 employees to 25 employees. I have already learned an incredible amount in my career at Moffatts and will continue to do so with our diverse team of staff who have been vital in making my time at Moffatts enjoyable over the years. I think the amount of time I have worked here speaks for itself!”


“Working at Moffatts has been instrumental in my development as an accountant. It is very much an open and friendly environment, with multiple opportunities to progress and learn new skills. Being part of a growing firm allows me to be a part of the decision-making process and take on new responsibilities which is both challenging and rewarding.”


“I left College at 17 as I didn’t feel like it was the correct path for me and I couldn’t see an end goal to my future career. I applied for an apprenticeship at Moffatts and I’ve been working here for nearly 6 years. In that time Moffatts have helped shape and progress my career as an accountant. Both partners and staff have been there to guide me throughout my AAT and also now on my ACCA making sure that every day I’m learning new skills.”


“I joined Moffatts in 2017 after completing my A-Levels in college, I started my Level 3 AAT qualification after a few months and progressed into studying my ACCA! Moffatts have always supported me through my studies, offering flexible study paths and never made me feel pressured throughout. The skills and knowledge offered from the apprenticeship combined with the practical application on the job have definitely allowed me to develop personally and professionally.”


Step by step

Career progression

Partner – Develop and deliver strategy, demonstrate leadership, commercially successful

Accounts Manager – Qualified, Managing a portfolio and client management experience

Senior Accountant – Qualified. 4/5 years’ experience

ACCA – AAT Qualified

AAT – School Leavers


Since 2007 Moffatts have employed 27 apprentices.

Looking to take that first step in your accounting career? Our apprenticeship programme can help you find your feet.

Apprentices have completed the AAT

Apprentices joined the firm at ACCA level and completed the ACCA (one currently a manager, one currently working as a qualified accountant)

Apprentices have completed both AAT and ACCA at Moffatts (2 are currently managers)

Of the current partners completed the ACCA at Moffatts

Apprentices have completed the AAT and are currently studying the ACCA

Apprentices are currently studying the AAT


Kickstart a career in accounting with us

Our team is the secret to our success and we take care over finding the right people. If you’re an inquisitive, enthusiastic trainee and want to take your first steps on the path to a rewarding career, typically by taking an AAT qualification and then hopefully progressing via the ACCA, send us an email to find out about current opportunities.