Cloud accounting


Why cloud?

Cloud accounting apps have fundamentally changed the landscape for accountants and businesses alike. They make going digital simple. They’re not just easy to use, they sometimes feel like magic. And they give business owners the power to see exactly what’s going on with their finances in real time, wherever they are, on whatever device they’ve got handy. That means when we talk, we’ll always be on the same page and ready to make serious progress.

App advisory

Which are the right apps for you?

Clients come to us for advice because the app landscape can be pretty bewildering.  Which accounting app, which EPOS system, which CRM? The trick is always to start by asking, “What do I want to achieve?” You want apps that offer the functionality you need without being overwhelming; that talk to each other; and that offer the right blend of sophistication and value for money.

We’re not tied to any one software provider, have partnerships with several, and know those apps inside and out. We also keep an eye on new and emerging applications. That means we can be objective and help you identify lesser-known products that fulfil specific functions. Getting the right combination of apps, properly integrated, will save you time, money and effort. It will make your business more efficient and help you feel in control.

Cashflow forecasting

Get a handle on cash

Cashflow forecasting and monitoring provides a powerful indication of how your business is performing – and gives you the chance to change course if things aren’t right. We’re not quite in crystal ball territory but, get it right, and financial modelling can sometimes feel that way.

If your cashflow is poor you risk running out of money, which means you could become insolvent. Forecasting helps you spot that kind of crisis and make plans to head it off. That might involve negotiating your overdraft with the bank, getting funding from lenders or investors, launching a drive to get your debtors to pay what they owe (credit control) or reviewing your business costs and making savings.

Data insights

No more guesswork

It’s all too easy to make business decisions based on gut feelings and instinct. In our experience, though, that’s often a mistake because, when you dig into it, the data tells you a totally different story.

We’ll help you identify reliable sources of data in your business, tidy them up and harness their power. In practice, that means taking numbers and turning them into insight you can use through plain English reports, visualisations and interactive financial models. It’s amazing how often an exercise like this has helped our clients change direction by highlighting opportunities, or to stop doing something that isn’t working. Ultimately, it’s about efficiency, profitability and smart decision making.


We do things differently

An approach that delivers

We can’t be doing with blockages, snags or frustrations. If something isn’t working, for us or for our clients, we fix it. That willingness to challenge and innovate has always seen us right.

Efficiency matters

With the right systems and information your business will operate more profitably.

We get it right

Our clients choose us because we nail the numbers down and take care over the details.

Open communication

We’re available when you need us. We speak plainly and talk sense. And we’re friendly, too.

Ready to try a new approach?

Give us a call or send us a message so we can get to know each other. You never know – it could be the start of something big.