Doctors and more

We work with GPs, consultants, locums, dentists, pharmacists and all sorts of healthcare professionals. It’s about helping them manage their finances, pay a fair amount of tax and navigate the complexities of NHS pensions, among other things.

Tax and pensions

Medical professionals are highly skilled and in demand. That means they often have complex working arrangements and correspondingly complicated tax positions.

Our team can advise on off-payroll working rules (IR35) and how your employment status can affect your tax bill. Before April 2017, doctors were responsible for assessing their own IR35 status. Now, GP practices and clinics have to make that judgement. We can support you, and those who contract with you, in using HMRC’s Check Employment Status for Tax tool, along with our own experience and judgement, to support these decisions.

Doctors and medical professionals, as high-earners, might have their annual pensions allowance tapered. In addition, NHS pensions are notoriously complex with an ever-changing framework, making it hard to plan for your retirement. We stay on top of those changes and use technology to keep your pensions calculations up to date.

If you run your own medical practice, whether through a partnership, LLP or limited company, we can take care of financial administrative jobs such as bookkeeping, payroll and VAT returns.

We’ll also take care of your annual income tax self-assessment tax return, if applicable, making sure that you don’t pay any more tax than necessary. We do that by ensuring you deduct every single business expense, such as membership of the BMA or GMC, before calculating your profit.

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