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There’s no denying it – VAT is more complicated and time consuming than it ought to be. You’ve got to know when and how to register for VAT. Once you’re registered, HMRC expects regular VAT returns, with the risk of penalties and investigations if you don’t deliver. And then you’ve got to get your head around the VAT ratings of every product or service you sell.

The good news is that our VAT experts can take care of the lot. That will not only save you time and effort but also, through smart planning, potentially reduce your VAT bill by a significant amount.

We’ll advise on VAT registration and deregistration, as well as completing all the process and paperwork on your behalf. We’ll also take care of your VAT returns, either alongside your bookkeeping or as a standalone service.

Our VAT advice is tailored to each business and the sectors in which they operate. For example, there are multiple VAT schemes for retail, and the domestic VAT reverse charge applies in construction. For those involved in import, export and eCommerce, post-Brexit EU VAT is also a hot topic.

If you’re concerned about your current VAT arrangements, and worry that you might not be meeting HMRC’s requirements, our VAT health check service is the answer. We’ll essentially do what an HMRC inspector would do, looking for certain common errors and helping you to fix them. This process will also highlight any instances where you might be paying too much VAT by misapplying the rules or applying the wrong VAT treatment to sales.

These days, almost all VAT-registered businesses have to comply with Making Tax Digital (MTD), the Government’s programme to get business reporting online. Getting set up with Xero and QuickBooks is a quick and easy way to comply with MTD but there are other options which we can help you explore.

If the worst happens and HMRC do decide to investigate or dispute your handling of VAT, we can help there, too, being on hand to represent you in negotiations.

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