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Payroll and PAYE returns

If your business has employees, you’ve got to get them paid every month or every week – and administer a lot of red tape on behalf of the Government at the same time. Administering a PAYE scheme takes a lot of time and effort and has to be done right. It’s important not only because of the statutory compliance issues it brings but also because your team will expect to get the right amount in their bank accounts, bang on time.

Through our payroll service, we’ll take care of every part of the PAYE process, from generating payslips to reporting to HMRC under the real-time information regime.

We’ll look after pay calculations, taking into account terms and conditions, working hours and salary. We’ll also run the numbers on deductions (child maintenance, student loans, CIS) and on benefits, such as pay for parental leave or sickness. When new people start, we’ll get them onto the system and set up; and when they leave, we’ll handle their off-boarding. And at year-end, we’ll issue P60s and P11D forms, too.

We’re more than administrators, though. Our tailored approach also allows for production of departmental reports, monthly summaries and analysis of staff costs. In terms of tax planning, we also advise on the most tax efficient remuneration strategies, company car and van strategies and benefits planning.

To find out more about how our payroll service could save you time and help your business operate more efficiently, get in touch.


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